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2023-02-06How should severity be understood in the context of reproductive genetic carrier screening?Dive, L; Archibald, AD; Freeman, L; Newson, AJ
2023-12-17Global mortality associated with 33 bacterial pathogens in 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019.GBD 2019 Antimicrobial Resistance Collaborators,
2023-01-16Self-Perception of Cognitive-Communication Functions After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.Norman, R; Flaugher, T; Chang, S; Power, E
2023-01-11A comparative evaluation of propranolol pharmacokinetics in obese versus ideal weight individuals: A blueprint towards a personalised medicine.Mortlock, R; Smith, V; Nesci, I; Bertoldi, A; Ho, A; El Mekkawi, Z; Kakuzada, L; Williams, K; Pont, L; De Rubis, G; Dua, K
2023-01-02ELUCIDATING THE ANTIVIRAL POTENTIAL OF POLYSACCHARIDESFatima, R; Sharma, M; Prasher, P; Gupta, G; Singh, SK; Gulati, M; Dua, K
2023-02Chitosan-based nano drug delivery system for lung cancerKazmi, I; Shaikh, MAJ; Afzal, O; Alfawaz Altamimi, AS; Almalki, WH; Alzarea, SI; Al-Abbasi, FA; Pandey, M; Dureja, H; Singh, SK; Dua, K; Gupta, G
2023-02Review on theranostic and neuroprotective applications of nanotechnology in multiple sclerosisSharma, A; Sharma, N; Singh, S; Dua, K
2023-01-01Extracurricular activities, graduate attributes and serious leisure: competitive sport versus social-cultural clubs in campus lifeFoley, C; Darcy, S; Hergesell, A; Almond, B; McDonald, M; Nguyen, LT; Morgan-Brett, E
2023-02-21Nanotechnology-based advancements in NF-κB pathway inhibition for the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases.Bhat, AA; Gupta, G; Singh, SK; Yadav, HK; Saini, M; Salfi, R; Singh, SK; Dua, K
2023-05The emerging diagnostic and therapeutic roles of small nucleolar RNAs in lung diseasesLiu, X; Ali, MK; Zhao, L; Dua, K; Mao, Y
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