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2020-10-23"Got to build that trust": the perspectives and experiences of Aboriginal health staff on maternal oral health.Kong, AC; Sousa, MS; Ramjan, L; Dickson, M; Goulding, J; Gwynne, K; Talbot, F; Jones, N; Srinivas, R; George, A
2020-08-25Assessing and decomposing inequality of opportunity in access to child health and nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from three countries with low human development index.Sanoussi, Y; Ahinkorah, BO; Banke-Thomas, A; Yaya, S
2022-07Yuwinbir - this way! Going beyond meeting points between Indigenous knowledges and health sociology.Williams, M; Marlin, D
2021-09-25Improving interagency service integration of the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program for First Nations women and babies: a qualitative study.Massi, L; Hickey, S; Maidment, S-J; Roe, Y; Kildea, S; Nelson, C; Kruske, S
2021-11-17Assessment tools measuring health-related empowerment in psychosocially vulnerable populations: a systematic review.Campbell, S; Zhai, J; Tan, J-Y; Azami, M; Cunningham, K; Kruske, S
2021-10-24Project20: interpreter services for pregnant women with social risk factors in England: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how?Rayment-Jones, H; Harris, J; Harden, A; Silverio, SA; Turienzo, CF; Sandall, J
2017-09-18Perceived barriers and enablers to participation in a community-tailored physical activity program with Indigenous Australians in a regional and rural setting: a qualitative study.Sushames, A; Engelberg, T; Gebel, K
2016-11Nursing futility, managing medicine: Nurses' perspectives on the transition from life-prolonging to palliative care.Broom, A; Kirby, E; Good, P; Lwin, Z
2022-07Healing journeys: experiences of young Aboriginal people in an urban Australian therapeutic community drug and alcohol program.Hill, B; Williams, M; Woolfenden, S; Martin, B; Palmer, K; Nathan, S
2022-07-04Ecocidal behaviour: Solutions in Becoming Indigenous to the UniverseWilliams, M
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