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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03Acceptance of a medication refill reminder service in German community pharmacy practice.Breiholz S; -Mammen NG; Krueger K; Schaefer M; Schulz M
2019-04-01The experience of vasa praevia for Australian midwives: A qualitative studyJavid, N; Hyett, JA; Homer, CSE
2019-07-01Digital literacy linked to engagement and psychological benefits among breast cancer survivors in Internet-based peer support groupsLepore, SJ; Rincon, MA; Buzaglo, JS; Golant, M; Lieberman, MA; Bauerle Bass, S; Chambers, S
2020-04-25Microbiology testing associated with antibiotic dispensing in older community-dwelling adults.Peng Z; Hayen A; Kirk MD; Pearson S; Cheng AC; Liu B
2020Predictors of duloxetine response in patients with neuropathic cancer pain: a secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial—JORTC-PAL08 (DIRECT) studyMatsuoka H; Iwase S; Miyaji T; Kawaguchi T; Ariyoshi K; Oyamada S; Satomi E; Ishiki H; Hasuo H; Sakuma H; Tokoro A; Matsuda Y; Tahara K; Otani H; Ohtake Y; Tsukuura H; Matsumoto Y; Hasegawa Y; Kataoka Y; Otsuka M; Sakai K; Nakura M; Morita T; Yamaguchi T; Koyama A
2020-01The features and burden of headaches within a chiropractic clinical population: A cross-sectional analysis.Moore C; Leaver A; Sibbritt D; Adams J
2020-08The Trach Trail: A Systems-Based Pathway to Improve Quality of Tracheostomy Care and Interdisciplinary Collaboration.Cherney RL; Pandian V; Ninan A; Eastman D; Barnes B; King E; Miller B; Judkins S; Smith AE; Smith NM; Hanley J; Creutz E; Carlson M; Schneider KJ; Shever LL; Casper KA; Davidson PM; Brenner MJ
2020-07Pain assessment and interventions by nurses in the emergency department: A national survey.Varndell W; Fry M; Elliott D
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