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2014-01-01A systematic review and meta-analysis of yoga for hypertensionCramer, H; Haller, H; Lauche, R; Steckhan, N; Michalsen, A; Dobos, G
2018-05-01The health of working nurses: Hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control by medicationGallagher, R; Perry, L; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Ying Ko, CM
2017-05-01Improving blood pressure control in general practice: A pilot study of the ImPress interventionZwar, N; Hermiz, O; Halcomb, E; Davidson, P; Bodenheimer, T
2013-09-01The role of salt intake and salt sensitivity in the management of hypertension in South Asian people with chronic kidney disease: A randomized controlled trialDe Brito-Ashurst, L; Perry, L; Sanders, TAB; Thomas, JE; Dobbie, H; Varagunam, M; Yaqoob, MM
2022-10-18Changes in Prevalence and Determinants of Self-Reported Hypertension among Bangladeshi Older Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic.Mistry, SK; Ali, AM; Yadav, UN; Khanam, F; Huda, MN; Lim, D; Chowdhury, AA; Sarma, H
2016-10-01Medication adherence and persistence according to different antihypertensive drug classes: A retrospective cohort study of 255,500 patients.Schulz, M; Krueger, K; Schuessel, K; Friedland, K; Laufs, U; Mueller, WE; Ude, M
2018-07-01Cost-effectiveness of a fixed dose combination (polypill) in secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in India: Within-trial cost-effectiveness analysis of the UMPIRE trial.Singh, K; Crossan, C; Laba, T-L; Roy, A; Hayes, A; Salam, A; Jan, S; Lord, J; Tandon, N; Rodgers, A; Patel, A; Thom, S; Prabhakaran, D
2017-01Challenges in the Management of Hypertension in Older Populations.Pont, L; Alhawassi, T; Islam, MS
2016-04Patient reported adherence to hypertension treatment: A revalidation study.He, W; Bonner, A; Anderson, D
2014-01-01Use of medications for secondary prevention in stroke patients at hospital discharge in AustraliaEissa, A; Krass, I; Bajorek, BV
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