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2017-01-01Heat-acclimatization and pre-cooling: a further boost for endurance performance?Schmit, C; Le Meur, Y; Duffield, R; Robach, P; Oussedik, N; Coutts, AJ; Hausswirth, C
2016-01-01Positional group significantly influences the offensive and defensive skill involvements of junior representative rugby league players during match playBennett, KJM; Fransen, J; Scott, BR; Sanctuary, CE; Gabbett, TJ; Dascombe, BJ
2019-01-01Cycling Power Profile Characteristics of National-Level Junior TriathletesStevens, CJ; Bennett, KJM; Novak, AR; Kittel, AB; Dascombe, BJ
2017-10-18Effects of consecutive days of match play on technical performance in tennisGescheit, DT; Duffield, R; Skein, M; Brydon, N; Cormack, SJ; Reid, M
2018-07-01Heat stress incidence and matchplay characteristics in Women's Grand Slam TennisSmith, MT; Reid, M; Kovalchik, S; Wood, T; Duffield, R
2020-01Match Activities in Basketball Games: Comparison Between Different Competitive Levels.Ferioli D; Schelling X; Bosio A; La Torre A; Rucco D; Rampinini E
2020-01Seasonal changes in physical capacities of basketball players according to competitive levels and individual responses.Ferioli D; Bosio A; Zois J; La Torre A; Rampinini E
2020-07Understanding the presence of mental fatigue in English academy soccer players.Thompson CJ; Noon M; Towlson C; Perry J; Coutts AJ; Harper LD; Skorski S; Smith MR; Barrett S; Meyer T
2020-04The efficacy of talent selection criteria in the Australian Football League.Sullivan C; Kempton T; Ward P; Coutts AJ
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