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2013-05-01Factors associated with breastfeeding duration: A 30-month cohort study in Northwest ChinaLiu, P; Qiao, L; Xu, F; Zhang, M; Wang, Y; Binns, CW
2010-03-01Infant feeding in the first 12 weeks following birth: A comparison of patterns seen in Asian and non-Asian women in AustraliaDahlen, HG; Homer, CSE
2007-03-01An exploration of the relationship between postnatal distress and maternal role attainment, breast feeding problems and breast feeding cessation in AustraliaCooke, M; Schmied, V; Sheehan, A
2012-11-01Liquid gold from the milk bar: Constructions of breastmilk and breastfeeding women in the language and practices of midwivesBurns, E; Schmied, V; Fenwick, J; Sheehan, A
2013-05We only talk about breast feeding: a discourse analysis of infant feeding messages in antenatal group-based education.Jennifer, F; Elaine, B; Athena, S; Virginia, S
2002-01-01Initial infant feeding decisions and duration of breastfeeding in women from English, Arabic and Chinese-speaking backgrounds in Australia.Homer, CSE; Sheehan, A; Cooke, M
2011-01-01The decision not to initiate breastfeeding--women's reasons, attitudes and influencing factors--a review of the literature.Atchan, M; Foureur, M; Davis, D
2013-07-01Exploring the process of women's infant feeding decisions in the early postbirth periodSheehan, A; Schmied, V; Barclay, L
2009-04-01Mother safe: Review of three years of counselling by an australian teratology information serviceLim, JM; Sullivan, E; Kennedy, D
2014-03-01'The midwives aren't allowed to tell you': Perceived infant feeding policy restrictions in a formula feeding culture - The Feeding Your Baby StudyLagan, BM; Symon, A; Dalzell, J; Whitford, H
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