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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2001Nurses’ use of professional distancing in the appropriation of CAM: A text analysisAdams, J; Tovey, P
1-Oct-2008Utilising and promoting public health and health services research in complementary and alternative medicine: The founding of NORPHCAMAdams, J
1-Jun-2007Restricting CAM consumption research: Denying insights for practice and policyAdams, J
1-Jun-2009Kava Anxiety Depression Spectrum Study (KADSS): A mixed methods RCT using an aqueous extract of Piper methysticumSarris, J; Kavanagh, DJ; Adams, J; Bone, K; Byrne, G
11-Nov-2010The use of economic evaluation in CAM: An introductory frameworkFord, E; Solomon, D; Adams, J; Graves, N
6-Jan-2011The urban-rural divide in complementary and alternative medicine use: A longitudinal study of 10,638 womenAdams, J; Sibbritt, D; Lui, CW
1-Aug-2008An examination of the clinical practices and perceptions of professional herbalists providing patient care concurrently with conventional medical practice in AustraliaCasey, M; Adams, J; Sibbritt, D
1-Apr-2011The prevalence and characteristics of young and mid-age women who use yoga and meditation: Results of a nationally representative survey of 19,209 Australian womenSibbritt, D; Adams, J; van der Riet, P
1-Feb-2006An exploratory study of complementary and alternative medicine in hospital midwifery: Models of care and professional struggleAdams, J
1-Oct-2011The interface between tradition and science: Naturopaths' perspectives of modern practiceSteel, A; Adams, J
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