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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-08-01Undergraduate nursing students' knowledge and attitudes towards organ donation in Korea: Implications for educationKim, JR; Fisher, MJ; Elliott, D
2013-01-01Amazingly resilient Indigenous people! Using transformative learning to facilitate positive student engagement with sensitive materialJackson, D; Power, T; Sherwood, J; Geia, L
2006-07International postgraduate nursing students: implications for studying and working within a different culture.Kilstoff, K; Baker, J
2006-01-01Coronary heart disease in Asian Indians: Perspectives of family membersMohan, S; Wilkes, LM; Jackson, D
2017-07-24The impact of indigenous cultural identity and cultural engagement on violent offendingShepherd, SM; Delgado, RH; Sherwood, J; Paradies, Y
2016-09-01Japanese nursing students' sense of belonging: A story of Uchi (insider) and Soto (outsider)Honda, K; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, T; Maguire, J
2003-01-01An international perspective on gender differences in anxiety early after acute myocardial infarctionMoser, DK; Dracup, K; McKinley, S; Yamasaki, K; Kim, CJ; Riegel, B; Ball, C; Doering, LV; An, K; Barnett, M
2008-01-01More similarities than differences: An international comparison of CVD mortality and risk factors in womenGholizadeh, L; Davidson, P
2014-01-01Heart Disease and Depression: Is Culture a Factor?Gholizadeh, L; Davidson, PM; Heydari, M; Salamonson, Y
2010-08-01Re-discovering the material body in midwifery through an exploration of theories of embodimentDavis, DL; Walker, K
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