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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-01The association between internal and external measures of training load in batsmen and medium-fast bowlers during net-based cricket trainingVickery, W; Dascombe, B; Duffield, R
2011-03-01The reliability and validity of subjective notational analysis in comparison to global positioning system tracking to assess athlete movement patternsDoǧramaci, SN; Watsford, ML; Murphy, AJ
2014-01-01Globalising Health Informatics: The Role of GIScienceRobertson, H; Nicholas, N; Georgiou, A; Johnson, J; Travaglia, J
2018-07-25Socioeconomic drivers of vaccine uptake: An analysis of the data of a geographically defined cluster randomized cholera vaccine trial in BangladeshSaha, A; Hayen, A; Ali, M; Rosewell, A; MacIntyre, CR; Clemens, JD; Qadri, F
2015-01-01An Examination of the Relationship between Movement Demands and Rating of Perceived Exertion in Australian FootballersJohnston, RJ; Watsford, ML; Austin, DJ; Pine, MJ; Spurrs, RW
2017-04-01Unpacking the black box: Applications and considerations for using gps devices in sportMalone, JJ; Lovell, R; Varley, MC; Coutts, AJ
2018-01-01Positional differences in running and nonrunning activities during elite American Football TrainingWard, PA; Ramsden, S; Coutts, AJ; Hulton, AT; Drust, B
2015-01-02Knowledge of bout duration influences pacing strategies during small-sided gamesSampson, JA; Fullagar, HHK; Gabbett, T
2015-01-01Accuracy and reliability of SPI ProX global positioning system devices for measuring movement demands of team sportsKöklü, Y; Arslan, Y; Alemdaroʇlu, U; Duffield, R
2019-02-01Match-play movement and metabolic power demands of elite youth, sub-elite and elite senior Australian footballersKelly, SJ; Watsford, ML; Rennie, MJ; Spurrs, RW; Austin, D; Pine, MJ
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