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2012-10-01Postexercise cooling interventions and the effects on exercise-induced heat stress in a temperate environmentHausswirth, C; Duffield, R; Pournot, H; Bieuzen, F; Louis, J; Brisswalter, J; Castagna, O
2011-07-01Short term eVects of various water immersions on recovery from exhaustive intermittent exercisePournot, H; Bieuzen, F; Duffield, R; Lepretre, PM; Cozzolino, C; Hausswirth, C
2014-01-01Recovery from repeated on-court tennis sessions: Combining cold-water immersion, compression, and sleep interventionsDuffield, R; Murphy, A; Kellett, A; Reid, M
2015-07-20Consensus Recommendations on Training and Competing in the HeatRacinais, S; Alonso, JM; Coutts, AJ; Flouris, AD; Girard, O; González-Alonso, J; Hausswirth, C; Jay, O; Lee, JKW; Mitchell, N; Nassis, GP; Nybo, L; Pluim, BM; Roelands, B; Sawka, MN; Wingo, J; Périard, JD
2012-02-01Cold water immersion recovery after simulated collision sport exercisePointon, M; Duffield, R
2018-07-01Recovery practices in Division 1 collegiate athletes in North AmericaMurray, A; Fullagar, H; Turner, AP; Sproule, J
2012-07-01Cold water immersion recovery following intermittent-sprint exercise in the heatPointon, M; Duffield, R; Cannon, J; Marino, FE
2014-01-01Effect of run training and cold-water immersion on subsequent cycle training quality in high-performance triathletesRowsell, GJ; Reaburn, P; Toone, R; Smith, M; Coutts, AJ
2003-06Direct and indirect methods for determining plasma volume during thermoneutral and cold-water immersion.Gordon, CJ; Fogarty, AL; Greenleaf, JE; Taylor, NAS; Stocks, JM
2007-03-01It's beyond water: Stories of women's experience of using water for labour and birthMaude, RM; Foureur, MJ
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