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2-Feb-2015Cancer control is not beyond us … but could be if we don't invest wisely.Currow, DC; Aranda, S
1-Nov-2018A pragmatic comparative study of palliative care clinician’s reports of the degree of shadowing visible on plain abdominal radiographsClark, K; Lam, L; Talley, NJ; Watts, G; Phillips, JL; Byfieldt, NJ; Currow, DC
1-Jan-2018Community-identified recommendations to enhance cancer survivorship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peopleMeiklejohn, JA; Arley, B; Bailie, R; Adams, J; Garvey, G; Martin, JH; Walpole, ET; Valery, PC
1-Dec-2005Responses to advanced cancer: Chinese-AustraliansChui, YY; Donoghue, J; Chenoweth, L
1-Sep-2018Associations Between Cancer Screening Behavior and Complementary Medicine Use: Results of a National Cross-Sectional Survey of 9151 Australian WomenFrawley, JE; McIntyre, E; Sibbritt, D; Wardle, J; Schloss, J; Lauche, R; Adams, J
17-Mar-2018Global surveillance of trends in cancer survival 2000–14 (CONCORD-3): analysis of individual records for 37 513 025 patients diagnosed with one of 18 cancers from 322 population-based registries in 71 countriesAllemani, C; Matsuda, T; Di Carlo, V; Harewood, R; Matz, M; Nikšić, M; Bonaventure, A; Valkov, M; Johnson, CJ; Estève, J; Ogunbiyi, OJ; Azevedo e Silva, G; Chen, WQ; Eser, S; Engholm, G; Stiller, CA; Monnereau, A; Woods, RR; Visser, O; Lim, GH; Aitken, J; Weir, HK; Coleman, MP; Bouzbid, S; Hamdi-Chérif, M; Zaidi, Z; Meguenni, K; Regagba, D; Bayo, S; Cheick Bougadari, T; Manraj, SS; Bendahhou, K; Fabowale, A; Bradshaw, D; Somdyala, NIM; Kumcher, I; Moreno, F; Calabrano, GH; Espinola, SB; Carballo Quintero, B; Fita, R; Diumenjo, MC; Laspada, WD; Ibañez, SG; Lima, CA; De Souza, PCF; Del Pino, K; Laporte, C; Curado, MP; de Oliveira, JC; Veneziano, CLA; Veneziano, DB; Latorre, MRDO; Tanaka, LF; Rebelo, MS; Santos, MO; Galaz, JC; Aparicio Aravena, M; Sanhueza Monsalve, J; Herrmann, DA; Vargas, S; Herrera, VM; Uribe, CJ; Bravo, LE; Garcia, LS; Arias-Ortiz, NE; Morantes, D; Jurado, DM; Yépez Chamorro, MC; Delgado, S; Ramirez, M; Galán Alvarez, YH; Torres, P; Martínez-Reyes, F; Jaramillo, L; Quinto, R; Castillo, J; Mendoza, M; Cueva, P; Yépez, JG; Bhakkan, B; Deloumeaux, J; Joachim, C; Macni, J; Carrillo, R; Shalkow Klincovstein, J; Rivera Gomez, R; Poquioma, E; Tortolero-Luna, G; Zavala, D; Alonso, R; Barrios, E; Eckstrand, A; Nikiforuk, C; Noonan, G; Turner, D; Kumar, E; Zhang, B; McCrate, FR; Ryan, S
1-Jan-2019Comparability of the Australian National Cancer Symptom Trials (CST) Group's Study Populations to National Referrals to Non-CST Specialist Palliative Care Services Participating in the Palliative Care Outcomes CollaborationMatsuoka, H; Allingham, S; Fazekas, B; Brown, L; Vandersman, Z; Clark, K; Agar, MR; Currow, DC
1-Aug-2018Has cancer survival improved for older people as for younger people? New South Wales, 1980–2012Li, M; Morrell, S; Creighton, N; Tervonen, H; You, H; Roder, D; Currow, D
1-Dec-2018Cancer pain management needs and perspectives of patients from Chinese backgrounds: A systematic review of the Chinese and English literatureXu, X; Luckett, T; Wang, AY; Lovell, M; Phillips, JL
1-Feb-2017Encouraging early discussion of life expectancy and end-of-life care: A randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led communication support program for patients and caregiversWalczak, A; Butow, PN; Tattersall, MHN; Davidson, PM; Young, J; Epstein, RM; Costa, DSJ; Clayton, JM
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