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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1974Copyright and the Arts in AustraliaLahore, JC; Griffith, PB
Jan-2001The High Court - Legitimacy and Change: Haig Patapan, Juging Democracy - The New Politics of the High Court of AustraliaLynch, AN
Jan-2001GST and Financial Supplies: A Comparative Analysis of Legislative StructureEdmundson, PR
Jan-2001Skills: Skills-Kind, Inclusion & Learning in Law SchoolTaylor, L
Jan-2001Copyright Law in Indonesia: New Reforms and ProspectsKeyzer, P; Jones, OR
Jan-2001E-business under Finnacial Services ReformkAdams, MA
Jan-2001Equitable Compensation for breach of fiduciary duty: Causation and contribution - The High Court dodges a fusion fallacy in PilmerLynch, AN
Jan-2001The Persisent Sidewind- The Notion of 'In Trade or Commerce' under s 52 TPA,1974Meltz, DM
Jan-2001Walking the Thin Green Line: The Australian Experience of Corporate Environmental ReportingBubna-Litic, K; de Leeuw, L; Willamson, I
Jan-2001You Can Lead a Horse to Water - Introducing On-Line EducationTaylor, L
Jan-2001GST and financial supplies: a comparative analysis of legislative structureEdmundson, PR
Jan-2001Conduct Unbecoming: the dilemma of a school's responsibility in respect of teacher misconduct towards pupilsVarnham, S
Jan-2001Straight Talking, Straight Teaching: are New Zealand tertiary institutes potentially liable to their students under consumer protection legislation?Varnham, S
Jan-2001Decisions of academic judgement and discipline in New Zealand tertiary institutes: do cheats prosper?Varnham, S
Jan-2001The Education Amendment Bill (No 2) - School Safety and Standards in New ZealandVarnham, S
Jan-2001Access to Infertility Treatments and Single Women: What is the State of Play?Stuhmcke, AG
Jan-2001Grievance handling in Australian Universities: the case of the university ombudsman and the dean of studentsStuhmcke, AG
Jan-2001Who benefits from the equalising of age of consent provisions? A critical analysis of the Wood Royal Commission Paedophile Inquiry recommendation for a lower minimum age of consent,Lancaster, J
Jan-2001Voices after the killing : hearing the stories of family victims in New South Wales.Booth, T
Jan-2001The Awfulness of Lawfulness: As Assessment of Australia's Obligations under the ICCPRBlay, S; Piotrowicz, R