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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975-01-01The direct analysis of sedimentation equilibrium results obtained with polymerizing systemsMilthorpe, BK; Jeffrey, PD; Nichol, LW
1976-01The maximum and time to absorption of a left-continuous random walkGreen, PJ
1976-01-01Analysis of sedimentation equilibrium results obtained with indefinitely self-associating systems using a procedure based on laplace transformationNichol, LW; Jeffrey, PD; Milthorpe, BK
1976-01-01The sedimentation equilibrium of heterogeneously associating systems and mixtures of non-interacting solutes: analysis without determination of molecular weight averagesNichol, LW; Jeffrey, PD; Milthorpe, BK
1976-10-01Polymerization Pattern of Insulin at pH 7.0Jeffrey, PD; Milthorpe, BK; Nichol, LW
1977-12-01A shock tube study of radiative energy loss from an argon plasmaLogan, PF; Stalker, RJ; McIntosh, MK
1978-01Migracion de la Ciguena negra por El Pardo (Madrid)Garcia, LM; Sanchez-Bayo, FP
1980-01-01Seismic ray theory for lithospheric structures with slight lateral variationsMoore, BJ
1980-01-01A High Production Rate of Translatable IgG mRNA Accounts for the Amplified Synthesis of IgG in Myeloma CellsWALLACH, M; LASKOV, R
1980-01-01An evaluation of DNA fluorochromes, staining techniques, and analysis for flow cytometry. I. Unperturbed cell populationsTaylor, IW; Milthorpe, BK
1980-01-01Mining pollution and the diet of the purple-striped gudgeon Mogurnda mogurnda Richardson (Eleotridae) in the Finniss River, Northern Territory, AustraliaJeffree, RA; Williams, NJ
1980-01-01FMFPAK1: A program package for routine analysis of single parameter flow microfluorimetric data on a low cost mini-computerMilthorpe, B
1980-12-01Physics in appropriate technologyLogan, PF
1981-01Language and PhysicsLogan, PF
1981-01-01Identification and quantitation of tumour cells in cell suspensions: A comparison of cytology and flow cytometryPerez, DJ; Taylor, IW; Milthorpe, BK; McGovern, VJ; Tattersall, MH
1981-01-01Ray propagation through slightly heterogeneous elastic mediaMoore, BJ
1981-03Complementation analysis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa of the transfer genes of the wide host range R plasmid R18.Stokes, HW; Moore, RJ; Krishnapillai, V
1982-01A Genetic Comparison Of Strains Of Zymomonas-Mobilis By Analysis Of Plasmid DNADally, EL; Stokes, H; Eveleigh, DE
1983-03Comparison of plasmids in strains of Zymomonas mobilis.Stokes, HW; Dally, EL; Yablonsky, MD; Eveleigh, DE
1983-12-01Energy from village to nationLogan, PF