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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013On The Use of Empirical Bayes for Comparative Interrupted Time Series with an Application to Mandatory Helmet LegislationWang, J; Olivier, J; Grzebieta, R; Walter, S
9-Nov-2013Statistical errors in anti-helmet argumentsWang, J; Olivier, J; Grzebieta, R; Walter, S
Jan-2011Is the Nintendo Wii Fit really acceptable to older people?: a discrete choice experimentLaver, K; Ratcliffe, J; George, S; Burgess, LB; Crotty, M
Jan-2010The Use of Acupuncture by Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the Australian Workers Compensation System: Results of a National SurveyChoy, B; Walsh, SP; Smith, NF
Jan-2010Importance of Nonenteric Protozoan Infections in Immunocompromised PeopleBarratt, JL; Harkness, JL; Marriott, DJ; Ellis, JT; Stark, DJ
Jan-2012Taxonomic Distinctness as a Measure of Diversity of Stream Insects Exposed to Varying Salinity Levels in South-Eastern AustraliaMarchant, R; Kefford, B; Boon, PJ; Raven, PJ
Jan-2011Urban growth, albedo and global warmingSmith, G; Gentle, AR; Edmonds, I; Igor Skryabin
Jan-2011Performance comparisons of sky window spectral selective and high emittance radiant cooling systems under varying atmospheric conditionsGentle, AR; Smith, G; Igor Skryabin
Jan-2013Is H+ the symbol for acid? Provision of learning support in foundation-level chemistry for Bachelor of Nursing students enrolled in bioscience subjectsVan Reyk, DM; Ang, K; Nelson, K; Kift, S; Field, R; Whelan, K; Smith, L; Clarke, J; Creag, T
Jan-2011Development of a SNP multiplex assay for the inference of biogeographical ancestry and pigmentation phenotypeCastel, CV; Piper, AA; Angel Carracedo
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