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1-Aug-2013Response to the letter to the editor by M. Elsner et al: "Comment on Binhai Ren et al (2013;15:28-41). Long term reversal of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice by liver-directed gene therapy"Simpson, AM; Ren, B; O'Brien, BA; Nassif, NT
Aug-2016Commentary on Paper: “Controlling the misuse of cobalt in horses”Major, D; Wenzel, R
2018A useful demonstration of calculus in a physics high school laboratoryAlvarez, G; Schulte, J; Stockton, G; Wheeler, D
1-Sep-2017Incorporating an iterative energy restraint for the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS)Webster, E; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
17-Oct-2017Reduced Intracellular c-di-GMP Content Increases Expression of Quorum Sensing-Regulated Genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosaChua, SL; Liu, Y; Li, Y; Ting, HJ; Kohli, GS; Cai, Z; Suwanchaikasem, P; Goh, KKK; Ng, SP; Tolker-Nielsen, T; Yang, L; Givskov, M
26-Dec-2017Totally disconnected groups from baumslag-solitar groupsElder, M; Willis, G
1-Jul-2017The precious opal deposit at Wegel Tena, Ethiopia: Formation via successive pedogenesis eventsChauviré, B; Rondeau, B; Mazzero, F; Ayalew, D
4-Nov-2013A critical hurdle to widespread use of polymer based luminescent solar concentratorsFranklin, JB; Smith, GB; Earp, AE
18-Nov-2014Inter-Text Comparison of Quality of Operational Definitions of Acupoint Locations, Reliability and Validity of Point Functions and Clinical Indications in Classical and Modern TextsChoi, YB; Cobbin, DM; Walsh, SP
22-Nov-2016Does modern acupuncture address the clinical features of the original acupuncture theory?Choi, Y; Cobbin, D; Walsh, S; Van reyk, D
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