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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2011Identifying commuter preferences for existing modes and a proposed Metro in Sydney, Australia with special reference to crowdingHensher, DA; Rose, JM; Collins, AT
1-Jan-2019Global versus localised attitudinal responses in discrete choiceBorriello, A; Rose, JM
1-Jan-2014Stated Choice design comparison in a developing country: recall and attribute nonattendanceIles, RA; Rose, JM
1-Aug-2019Stated preference modelling of intra-household decisions: Can you more easily approximate the preference space?Beck, MJ; Rose, JM
1-Apr-2012Modelling heterogeneity in scale directly: Implications for estimates of influence in freight decision-making groupsPuckett, SM; Rose, JM; Bain, S
1-Jan-2011Experimental design influences on stated choice outputs: An empirical study in air travel choiceBliemer, MCJ; Rose, JM
1-Jul-2011Valuing a multistate river: The case of the River MurrayMacdonald, DH; Morrison, MD; Rose, JM; Boyle, KJ
1-Sep-2011Identifying sources of systematic variation in direct price elasticities from revealed preference studies of inter-city freight demandLi, Z; Hensher, DA; Rose, JM
1-Jun-2011A comparative investigation of the effects of the design dimensions of choice experiments on car commuters route choice behaviour and valuation of time in Taiwan and AustraliaHensher, DA; Jou, RC; Rose, JM; Li, Z; Huang, GL
1-May-2011Households' willingness to pay for overhead-to-underground conversion of electricity distribution networksMcNair, BJ; Bennett, J; Hensher, DA; Rose, JM
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