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1-Jan-2014Fixing concrete: Inquiries, responsibility, power and innovationClegg, S; Kreiner, K
1-May-2019Manipulating the 5 Dimensions of the EuroQol Instrument: The Effects on Self-Reporting Actual Health and Valuing Hypothetical Health StatesTsuchiya, A; Bansback, N; Hole, AR; Mulhern, B
1-Jan-2014A systematic review, psychometric analysis and qualitative assessment of generic preference-based measures of health in mental health populations and the estimation of mapping functions from widely used specific measuresBrazier, J; Connell, J; Papaioannou, D; Mukuria, C; Mulhern, B; Peasgood, T; Jones, ML; Paisley, S; O'Cathain, A; Barkham, M; Knapp, M; Byford, S; Gilbody, S; Parry, G
1-Jan-2007The intersection of social capital and power: An application to rural communitiesOnyx, J; Edwards, M; Bullen, P
1-Jan-2018Multinational Enterprise Strategies for Addressing Sustainability: the Need for ConsolidationBurritt, RL; Christ, KL; Rammal, HG; Schaltegger, S
1-Sep-2017Social Psychology, Consumer Culture and Neoliberal Political EconomyMcDonald, M; Gough, B; Wearing, S; Deville, A
1-Jan-2014Diabetes prevention in Australia: The challenges of scaling-up and rolling-out programsVita, P; Reddy, P; Timoshanko, A; Colagiuri, S
1-Jul-2017Consumer spaces as political spaces: A critical review of social, environmental, and psychogeographical researchMcDonald, M; Bridger, AJ; Wearing, S; Ponting, J
1-Mar-2017Real exchange rate and economic growth in east asian countries: The role of financial integrationDai, PV; Delpachitra, S; Cottrell, S
1-Jul-2016When it pays to wait: Optimizing release timing decisions for secondary channels in the film industryAhmed, S; Sinha, A
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