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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010Managing ethnocultural and 'racial' diversity in sport: Obstacles and opportunitiesAdair, D; Taylor, T; Darcy, S
27-Aug-2015A Conceptual Model of Social Impact as Active CitizenshipEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; Darcy, S; Bullen, P; Sherker, S
20-Sep-2016Quantifying and qualifying the individual and collective social impact of the arts: Disability arts partnership projectsDarcy, S; Onyx, J; Faulkner, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
1-Sep-2006Volunteer Management Practices and Volunteer Retention: A Human Resource Management ApproachCuskelly, G; Taylor, T; Hoye, R; Darcy, S
1-Jan-2009Public–private partnerships and contested cultural heritage tourism in national parks: A case study of the stakeholder views of the north head quarantine station (Sydney, Australia)Darcy, S; Wearing, S
2-Oct-2018Nepal tourism in the aftermath of the April/May 2015 earthquake and aftershocks: repercussions, recovery and the rise of new tourism sectorsBeirman, D; Upadhayaya, PK; Pradhananga, P; Darcy, S
15-Jul-2015A novel review approach on adventure tourism scholarshipCheng, M; Edwards, D; Darcy, S
1-Jan-2015Sport mega-event volunteers' motivations and postevent intention to volunteer: The Sydney World Masters Games, 2009Dickson, TJ; Darcy, S; Edwards, D; Terwiel, FA
28-Jun-2010Multi-method research on ethnic cultural tourism in AustraliaCollins, J; Darcy, S; Jordan, K
1-Jan-2010Understanding tourist experience through embodiment: The contribution of critical tourism and disability studiesSmall, J; Darcy, S
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