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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014More than a sport and volunteer organisation: Investigating social capital development in a sporting organisationDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Edwards, M; Onyx, J; Sherker, S
1-Jan-2014London 2012 olympic and paralympic games: Including volunteers with disabilities- A podium performance?Darcy, S; Dickson, TJ; Benson, AM
27-Aug-2015A Conceptual Model of Social Impact as Active CitizenshipEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; Darcy, S; Bullen, P; Sherker, S
1-Jan-2014Olympic and paralympic games in Brazil: Learning from barcelona and sydneyVila, TD; Darcy, S; Alén, E
14-Sep-2015Accessible tourism futures: the world we dream to live in and the opportunities we hope to haveMichopoulou, E; Darcy, S; Ambrose, I; Buhalis, D
1-Feb-2014Managing disability sport: From athletes with disabilities to inclusive organisational perspectivesMisener, L; Darcy, S
1-Apr-2015Competing for the disability tourism market - A comparative exploration of the factors of accessible tourism competitiveness in Spain and AustraliaDomínguez Vila, T; Darcy, S; Alén González, E
2-Jan-2017Enabling Inclusive Sport Participation: Effects of Disability and Support Needs on Constraints to Sport ParticipationDarcy, S; Lock, D; Taylor, T
9-Sep-2016Inclusive by design: transformative services and sport-event accessibilityDickson, TJ; Darcy, S; Johns, R; Pentifallo, C
1-Jan-2017Volunteers with disabilities at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Who, why, and will they do it againDickson, TJ; Darcy, S; Benson, A
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