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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-01Evaluating research impact: The development of a research for impact toolTsey, K; Lawson, K; Kinchin, I; Bainbridge, R; McCalman, J; Watkin, F; Cadet-James, Y; Rossetto, A
2017-07-01Social and emotional wellbeing screening for aboriginal and torres strait islanders within primary health care: A series of missed opportunities?Langham, E; McCalman, J; Matthews, V; Bainbridge, RG; Nattabi, B; Kinchin, I; Bailie, R
2017-04-01The economic cost of suicide and non-fatal suicide behavior in the Australian workforce and the potential impact of a workplace suicide prevention strategyKinchin, I; Doran, CM
2018-05-02Evaluation of a Residential Mental Health Recovery Service in north QueenslandHeyeres, M; Kinchin, I; Whatley, E; Brophy, L; Jago, J; Wintzloff, T; Morton, S; Mosby, V; Gopalkrishnan, N; Tsey, K
2018-06-07Quality of WIL assessment design in higher education: a systematic literature reviewLasen, M; Evans, S; Tsey, K; Campbell, C; Kinchin, I
2019-12-01A police-led community response to Child abuse and Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse in Indigenous communities in Far North Queensland: “Speak Up. Be strong. Be Heard.”Carrington, A; Dewar, S; Kinchin, I; Cadet-James, Y; Tsey, K
2018-04-04The cost of youth suicide in AustraliaKinchin, I; Doran, CM
2018-12-04Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of a community-based model of care for older patients with complex needs: A study protocol for a multicentre randomised controlled trial using a stepped wedge cluster designKinchin, I; Jacups, S; Mann, J; Quigley, R; Harvey, D; Doran, CM; Strivens, E
2016-10-17The complexity of health service integration: A review of reviewsHeyeres, M; McCalman, J; Tsey, K; Kinchin, I
2017-03-21Does Indigenous health research have impact? A systematic review of reviewsKinchin, I; Mccalman, J; Bainbridge, R; Tsey, K; Lui, FW
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