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2020-11-25Shonjibon cash and counselling: a community-based cluster randomised controlled trial to measure the effectiveness of unconditional cash transfers and mobile behaviour change communications to reduce child undernutrition in rural Bangladesh.Huda, TM; Alam, A; Tahsina, T; Hasan, MM; Iqbal, A; Khan, J; Ara, G; Ali, NB; Al Amin, SU; Kirkwood, EK; Laba, T-L; Goodwin, N; Muthayya, S; Islam, M; Agho, KE; Hoddinott, J; El Arifeen, S; Dibley, MJ
2020What happens to drug use and expenditure when cost sharing is completely removed? Evidence from a Canadian provincial public drug planLaba, T-L; Cheng, L; Worthington, HC; McGrail, K; Chan, FKI; Mamdani, M; Law, MR
2020-07-17Designing Discrete Choice Experiments Using a Patient-Oriented Approach.Aguiar, M; Harrison, M; Munro, S; Burch, T; Kaal, KJ; Hudson, M; Bansback, N; Laba, T-L
2020-07-31Integrative Review of Managed Entry Agreements: Chances and Limitations.Zampirolli Dias, C; Godman, B; Gargano, LP; Azevedo, PS; Garcia, MM; Souza Cazarim, M; Pantuzza, LLN; Ribeiro-Junior, NG; Pereira, AL; Borin, MC; de Figueiredo Zuppo, I; Iunes, R; Pippo, T; Hauegen, RC; Vassalo, C; Laba, T-L; Simoens, S; Márquez, S; Gomez, C; Voncina, L; Selke, GW; Garattini, L; Kwon, H-Y; Gulbinovic, J; Lipinska, A; Pomorski, M; McClure, L; Fürst, J; Gambogi, R; Ortiz, CH; Canuto Santos, VC; Araújo, DV; Araujo, VE; Acurcio, FDA; Alvares-Teodoro, J; Guerra-Junior, AA
2020-08-07Can multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) be implemented into real-world drug decision-making processes? A Canadian provincial experience.Laba, T-L; Jiwani, B; Crossland, R; Mitton, C
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