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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adaptation of MSMEs to climate change: a review of the existing literatureLinnenluecke, M; Smith, T; Schaer, C; Kuruppu, N
2023Meta-analysis of the role of equity dimensions in household solar panel adoptionBest, R; Marrone, M; Linnenluecke, M
2023How does investor attention affect energy firms’ managerial opportunistic behavior? New evidence from ChinaCao, W; Linnenluecke, M; Tian, J; Xue, R; Yang, H
2023-01-01Disrupting Management Research? Critical Reflections on British Journal of Management COVID-19 Research and an Agenda for the FutureBrammer, S; Branicki, L; Linnenluecke, M
2022-01-01Trends in FinTech Research and Practice: Examining the Intersection with the Information Systems FieldCai, C; Marrone, M; Linnenluecke, M
2022-01-03The pervasive role of accounting and accountability during the COVID-19 emergencyLeoni, G; Lai, A; Stacchezzini, R; Steccolini, I; Brammer, S; Linnenluecke, M; Demirag, I
2022-05-01Mission Accomplished? Reflecting on 60 Years of Business & SocietyBrammer, S; Branicki, L; Linnenluecke, M
2023Accounting for Resilience: The Role of the Accounting Professions in Promoting ResilienceBranicki, L; Brammer, S; Linnenluecke, M; Houghton, D
2023Revisiting renewable energies: Liberating, pacifying and democratisingSchaltegger, S; Linnenluecke, M; Dijkstra-Silva, SL; Christ, K
2023The Rise of Environmental Investing: Innovative Financing for a Sustainable FutureDaugaard, D; Linnenluecke, M; Alam, S; Sosnovskikh, S
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