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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Country-of-origin effects on Russian wine consumersCicia, G; Cembalo, L; Giudice, D; Scarpa, R
1-Sep-2011Organic food choices and Protection Motivation Theory: Addressing the psychological sources of heterogeneityScarpa, R; Thiene, M
19-Jan-2012Preferences for tap water attributes within couples: An exploration of alternative mixed logit parameterizationsScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Hensher, DA
1-Nov-2009Deriving and Testing Efficient Estimates of WTP Distributions in Destination Choice ModelsThiene, M; Scarpa, R
Jan-2005Product-country images and preference heterogeneity for Mediterranean food products: A discrete choice frameworkScarpa, R; Philippidis, G; Spalatro, F
1-Sep-2012Cost thresholds, cut-offs and sensitivities in stated choice analysis: Identification and implicationsCampbell, D; Hensher, DA; Scarpa, R
1-Feb-2012Collective versus voluntary payment in contingent valuation for the conservation of marine biodiversity: An exploratory study from Zakynthos, GreeceStithou, M; Scarpa, R
Jan-2007The value of collective reputation for environmentally-friendly production methods: the case of Val di GrestaScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Marangon, F
1-Nov-2012Eliciting Consumer Preferences for Certified Animal-Friendly Foods: Can Elements of the Theory of Planned Behavior Improve Choice Experiment Analysis?Nocella, G; Boecker, A; Hubbard, L; Scarpa, R
1-Jan-2009Testing the stability of the benefit transfer function for discrete choice contingent valuation dataMatthews, DI; Hutchinson, WG; Scarpa, R
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