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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01The impact of country-of-origin information on consumer perception of environmental environment-friendly characteristicsCicia, G; Cembalo, L; del Giudice, T; Scarpa, R
2012-01-19Preferences for tap water attributes within couples: An exploration of alternative mixed logit parameterizationsScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Hensher, DA
2013-01-01Inferred and Stated Attribute Non-attendance in Food Choice ExperimentsScarpa, R; Zanoli, R; Bruschi, V; Naspetti, S
2009-01-01Testing the stability of the benefit transfer function for discrete choice contingent valuation dataMatthews, DI; Hutchinson, WG; Scarpa, R
2005-02-17Assessing water company customer preferences and willingness to pay for service improvements: A stated choice analysisWillis, KG; Scarpa, R; Acutt, M
2009-11-01Deriving and Testing Efficient Estimates of WTP Distributions in Destination Choice ModelsThiene, M; Scarpa, R
2011-12-01Do respondents' perceptions of the status quo matter in non-market valuation with choice experiments? An application to New Zealand freshwater streamsMarsh, D; Mkwara, L; Scarpa, R
2009-01-01Using choice experiments to explore the spatial distribution of willingness to pay for rural landscape improvementsCampbell, D; Hutchinson, WG; Scarpa, R
2009-06-01Modelling attribute non-attendance in choice experiments for rural landscape valuationScarpa, R; Gilbride, TJ; Campbell, D; Hensher, DA
2016-06-01Exploring the spatial heterogeneity of individual preferences for ambient heating systemsFranceschinis, C; Scarpa, R; Thiene, M; Rose, J; Moretto, M; Cavalli, R
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