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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Understanding track/trail experiences in National Parks: A ReviewWearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
2015Transforming Nature’s Value – Cultural Change Comes from Below: Rural Communities, the ‘Othered’ and Host Capacity BuildingSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing; Reisinger, Y
2014Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism: Bridging the Conservation Human Usage Divide Through Track/ Trail Based InterpretationSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing, SL; Kuhn, D; Grabowski, S
2013-01Understanding Stakeholder Values in Co-Management Arrangements for Protected Area Establishment on the Kokoda Track, Papua New GuineaReggers, AL; Schweinsberg, SC; Wearing, SL
2015-05-27The Nature of Aesthetics: How Consumer Culture has Changed our National ParksWearing, S; Ankor, J; McDonald, M; Schweinsberg, SC
2012-03-01Understanding communities' views of nature in rural industry renewal: The transition from forestry to nature-based tourism in Eden, AustraliaSchweinsberg, SC; Leslie Wearing, S; Darcy, S
2009-01Understanding 'Track/Trail' Experiences in National Parks: A Review,Wearing, SL; Schweinsberg, SC; Faulkner, S; Tumes, K
2013Coal seam gas and its impacts on destination image assessment: An investigation of wine tourism in the Hunter Valley, NSWSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing, S
2014A Discussion of Coal Seam Gas in Australia’s Hunter Valley Wine Tourism RegionWearing; Schweinsberg, SC; Lai, P; Lyons, K
2014Whale Watching as Ecotourism: How Sustainable is it?Wearing, S; Cunnigham, P; Schweinsberg, SC; Jobberns, C
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