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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005The development and functions of connected relations: a comparison of European and Chinese customer perspectivesWiley, JS; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC; -
Jan-2007A Case Study on the Dynamics of Trust in Dyadic Business RelationshipsHuang, Y; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2007Towards an Empirically Based Taxonomy of Buyer-Seller Relations in Business Markets: Cluster Analysis of the IRRP data baseWilkinson, I; Wong, C; Young, LC; Batt, P; Purchase, S
Jan-2007Extending the mind and body of the firm through global partnershipsWilkinson, I; Young, LC; Aurifeille, J; Svizzero, S; Tisdell, C
Jan-2005Toward a normative theory of normative marketing theoryWilkinson, I; Young, LC
Jan-2007Linking Multi-Component Commitment to Relationship Value, Trust, Conflict and CooperationSharma, N; Young, LC; Wilkinson, I; Engilbertsson, H
Jan-2006The nature, role and impact of connected relations: a comparison of European and Chinese suppliers' perspectivesWiley, J; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC
Jan-2005Evaluating a model of industrial relationship performance: A comparison of European and Chinese results using the IMP date baseWiley, JS; Wilkinson, I; Young, LC
Jan-2006Toward agent-based models of the development and evolution of business relations and networksWilkinson, I; Marks, R; Young, LC; Minai, A; Braha, D; Bar-Yam, Y
Jan-2006To teach or not to teach Alderson? There is no questionWilkinson, I; Young, LC; Wooliscroft, B; Tamilia, R; Shapiro, S
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