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2020-10-02Ultra-low-dose quadruple combination blood pressure lowering therapy in patients with hypertension: The QUARTET randomized controlled trial protocol.Chow, CK; Atkins, ER; Billot, L; Chalmers, J; Hillis, GS; Hay, P; Neal, B; Nelson, M; Patel, A; Reid, CM; Schlaich, M; Usherwood, T; Webster, R; Rodgers, A
2020-12The impacts of price regulation on price dispersion in Australia's retail electricity marketsEsplin, R; Davis, B; Rai, A; Nelson, T
2020-12-06Cost-effectiveness of osimertinib versus standard EGFR-TKI as first-line treatment for locally advanced or metastatic EGFR mutation-positive non-small cell lung cancer in Australia.Khoo, T; Gao, L
2020-12-01The Mitigating Impact of Land Tenure Security on Drought-Induced Food Insecurity: Evidence from Rural MalawiAjefu, JB; Abiona, O
2021-03Overcoming the limitations of variable renewable production subsidies as a means of decarbonising electricity marketsNelson, T; Rai, A; Esplin, R
2020-10Implementing cardiovascular disease preventive care guidelines in general practice: an opportunity missed.Hespe, CM; Campain, A; Webster, R; Patel, A; Rychetnik, L; Harris, MF; Peiris, DP
2020-12Preferences for a COVID-19 vaccine in AustraliaBorriello, A; Master, D; Pellegrini, A; Rose, JM
2020-01-01Tourism development and sustainable well-being: a Beyond GDP perspectiveDwyer, L
2020-01-01Attributes Affecting User Decision to Adopt a Virtual Private Network (VPN) AppSombatruang, N; Omiya, T; Miyamoto, D; Sasse, MA; Kadobayashi, Y; Baddeley, M
2021-04-19Introducing general practice enrolment in Australia: the devil is in the detail.Wright, M; Versteeg, R
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