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8-Aug-2019Sustaining commercial viability and community benefits: management and leverage of a sport-for-development eventSchulenkorf, N; Giannoulakis, C; Blom, L
1-Jan-2019The role of sport in reflecting and shaping group dynamics: The “intergroup relations continuum” and its application to Fijian rugby and soccerSugden, JT; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D; Frawley, S
2019Consuming our National Parks: Cultural Heritage in a Consumer CultureWearing, S; Schweinsberg, S; Darcy, S; Campelo, A; Reynolds, L; Lindgreen, A; Neverland, M
2018The Impact of Contemporary Management Ideas: their influence on the Constitution of Public Sector Management WorkShearer, C; Clegg, SR; Johnston, J; Mitev, N; Morgan-Thomas, A; Lorrino, P; Dde Vaujany, F; Nama, Y
1-Feb-2018The impact of dividend imputation on corporate tax avoidance: The case of shareholder valueMcClure, R; Lanis, R; Wells, P; Govendir, B
1-Jun-2018Incumbent capability enhancement in response to radical innovationsSarkar, S; Osiyevskyy, O; Clegg, SR
1-Jan-2018On the road again: The barriers and benefits of automobility for people with disabilityDarcy, S; Burke, PF
1-Mar-2019Non-Standard Time Wage Premiums and Employment Effects: Evidence from an Australian Natural ExperimentYu, S; Peetz, D
1-Oct-2018Estimating a Dutch Value Set for the Pediatric Preference-Based CHU9D Using a Discrete Choice Experiment with DurationRowen, D; Mulhern, B; Stevens, K; Vermaire, JH
1-Apr-2019Reducing the randomness of latent variables using the evaluative space grid: Implementation in a hybrid choice modelBorriello, A; Scagnolari, S; Rose, JM
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