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2020What happens to drug use and expenditure when cost sharing is completely removed? Evidence from a Canadian provincial public drug planLaba, T-L; Cheng, L; Worthington, HC; McGrail, K; Chan, FKI; Mamdani, M; Law, MR
2020-11Horizontal inequity in the utilisation of healthcare services in Australia.Pulok, MH; van Gool, K; Hall, J
2020-10Assessing the capacity of Ghana to introduce health technology assessment: a systematic review of economic evaluations conducted in Ghana.Addo, R; Goodall, S; Hall, J; Haas, M
2020-04-22Improving outcomes for marginalised rural families through an care navigator programKirby, S; Edwards, K; Yu, S; van Gool, K; Powell-Davies, G; Harris-Roxas, B; Gresham, E; Harris, M; Hall, J
2020-01-01Covid-19 and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Measuring Longrun Tax Burdens as an Alternative Bailout TestEfendi, S
2022-02A systematic review and meta-analysis of the mental health symptoms during the Covid-19 pandemic in Southeast Asia.Pappa, S; Chen, J; Barnett, J; Chang, A; Dong, RK; Xu, W; Yin, A; Chen, BZ; Delios, AY; Chen, RZ; Miller, S; Wan, X; Zhang, SX
2023Accounting for Resilience: The Role of the Accounting Professions in Promoting ResilienceBranicki, L; Brammer, S; Linnenluecke, M; Houghton, D
-Editorial: Adapting Anglo-American Corporate Governance Concepts in non-Anglo American Environmentsdela Rama, M
2024Disclosure of climate-related risks/opportunities in firm financial statements: the UK FTSE 100Borghei, Z; Linnenluecke, M; Bui, B
2024The Paradigm Shift: Business Associations Shaping the Discourse on System ChangeWaddock, S; Henriques, I; Linnenluecke, M; Poggioli, N; Böhm, S
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