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2018-01-01The use of management controls in different cultural regions: An empirical study of Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Nordic practicesMalmi, T; Bedford, D; Bruhl, R; Dergard, J; Hoozee, S; Janschek, O; Willert, J
2020-10-06Translating research into practice: outcomes from the Healthy Living after Cancer partnership project.Eakin, EG; Reeves, MM; Goode, AD; Winkler, EAH; Vardy, JL; Boyle, F; Haas, MR; Hiller, JE; Mishra, GD; Jefford, M; Koczwara, B; Saunders, CM; Chapman, K; Hing, L; Boltong, AG; Lane, K; Baldwin, P; Millar, L; McKiernan, S; Demark-Wahnefried, W; Courneya, KS; Job, J; Reid, N; Robson, E; Moretto, N; Gordon, L; Hayes, SC
2019-05-16Cui bono? Corruptors and the corrupted – Corporate governance and corruption: the roles and responsibilities of the private sector.dela Rama, M; Klettner, A; Lester, M; Ellis, J
2019-01-01Decolonising organisations with bell hooksLiu, H; McMurray, R; Pullen, A
2018-03-01The sharing economy and digital discrimination: The case of AirbnbCheng, M; Foley, C
2017-11-01Channels for search and purchase: Does mobile Internet matter?Singh, S; Swait, J
2019-07-04Creating Customer-Centric Organizations: The Value of Design ArtefactsWechsler, J; Schweitzer, J
2019-04-01The influence of powerful non-executive Chairs in Mergers and acquisitionsGhannam, S; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H; Thai, N
2020-01Choice of speed under compromised Dynamic Message Signs.Bakhsh Kelarestaghi, K; Ermagun, A; Heaslip, K; Rose, J
2018-01-01Examining price and service competition among retailers in a supply chain under potential demand disruptionAli, SM; Rahman, MH; Tumpa, TJ; Moghul Rifat, AA; Paul, SK
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