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2017-12-01Market reaction to non-GAAP earnings around SEC regulationBond, D; Czernkowski, R; Lee, YS; Loyeung, A
2014-01-01A systematic review, psychometric analysis and qualitative assessment of generic preference-based measures of health in mental health populations and the estimation of mapping functions from widely used specific measuresBrazier, J; Connell, J; Papaioannou, D; Mukuria, C; Mulhern, B; Peasgood, T; Jones, ML; Paisley, S; O'Cathain, A; Barkham, M; Knapp, M; Byford, S; Gilbody, S; Parry, G
2012-03-20Factors influencing patient choice of dialysis versus conservative care to treat end-stage kidney diseaseMorton, RL; Snelling, P; Webster, AC; Rose, J; Masterson, R; Johnson, DW; Howard, K
2013-01Multiculturalism and Immigrant Integration in AustraliaCollins, J
2015-01-01Management control systems across different modes of innovation: Implications for firm performanceBedford, DS
2011-03-01Cost-Effectiveness of Health Care Interventions to Address Intimate Partner Violence: What Do We Know and What Else Should We Look for?Gold, L; Norman, R; Devine, A; Feder, G; Taft, AJ; Hegarty, KL
2014-01-01Reflections on phronetic social science: a dialogue between Stewart Clegg, Bent Flyvbjerg and Mark HaugaardClegg, S; Flyvbjerg, B; Haugaard, M
2017-05-26Expatriates' safety and security during crisisFee, A
2017-03-01The financial brand value chain: How brand investments contribute to the financial health of firmsFischer, M; Himme, A
2016-05-01Holiday bodies: Young women and their appearanceSmall, J
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