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2007-01Equitable representation of local porters: Towards a sustainable Nepalese trekking industryWearing, SL; van der Duim, R; Schweinsberg, SC
2007-01Institutional investment flows and the determinants of top fund manager turnoverDishi, E; Gallagher, DR; Parwada, JT
2007-01Real Estate 'Value' Stocks and International DiversificationEllis, C; Wilson, PJ; Zurbruegg, R
2007-01Measuring values using best-worst scaling: The LOV exampleLee, JA; Soutar, G; Louviere, JJ
2007-06-20Age, health, and education determine supportive care needs of men younger than 70 years with prostate cancer.Smith, DP; Supramaniam, R; King, MT; Ward, J; Berry, M; Armstrong, BK
2007-08-01Does advanced access improve access to primary health care? Questionnaire survey of patientsSalisbury, C; Goodall, S; Montgomery, AA; Pickin, DM; Edwards, S; Sampson, F; Simons, L; Lattimer, V
2007-01Synthesising Governance Themes from Political and Management TheoryBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB; Benn, S; Dunphy, D
2007-08-01Impact of advanced access on access, workload, and continuity: Controlled before-and-after and simulated-patient studySalisbury, C; Montgomery, AA; Simons, L; Sampson, F; Edwards, S; Baxter, H; Goodall, S; Smith, H; Lattimer, V; Pickin, DM
2007-01How Attitudes of Leaders May Enhance Organizational Creativity: Evidence from a Chinese StudyWang, KY; Casimir, G
2007-01-01Valuing externalities from water supply: Status quo, choice complexity and individual random effects in panel kernel logit analysis of choice experimentsScarpa, R; Willis, KG; Acutt, M
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