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Jan-2012Perceptual Attributes In Product Design: Fuel Economy And Silhouette-Based Perceived Environmental Friendliness Tradeoffs In Automotive Vehicle DesignReid, T; Frischknecht, BD; Papalambros, PY
Jan-2012An assessment of the nonmarket benefits of the Water Framework Directive for households in England and WalesMetcalfe, PJ; Baker, W; Andrews, K; Atkinson, G; Bateman, I; Butler, S; Carson, R; East, J; Gueron, Y; Sheldon, R; Train, K
Jan-2012Forecasting (aggregate) demand for US commercial air travelCarson, R; Cenesizoglu, T; Parker, R
1-Nov-2012Cost-effectiveness of prion filtration of red blood cells to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in the Republic of IrelandTeljeur, C; Flattery, M; Harrington, P; O'Neill, M; Moran, PS; Murphy, L; Ryan, M
Jan-2012Reclaiming Authentic Selves: Control, Resistive Humour And Identity Work In The OfficeWestwood, R; Johnston, A
Jan-2012The Politics Of Knowledge, Epistemological Occlusion And Islamic Management And Organization KnowledgeUl-haq, S; Westwood, R
Jan-2012Navigating the waters: Regulating versus using feelings toward risky choicesChan, EY; Saqib, N; Gürhan-Canli, Z; Otnes, C; Zhu, RJ
Jan-2012Group cohesion, personality and leadership effect on networked marketing staff performanceStrang, KD
Jan-2012Let's work it out (Or we'll see you in court...): Litigation and private dispute resolution in vertical exchange relationshipsLumineau, F; Oxley, J
Jan-2012Latent variables in discrete choice experimentsRungie, C; Louviere, JJ; Coote, LV
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