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2014-01-01A systematic review, psychometric analysis and qualitative assessment of generic preference-based measures of health in mental health populations and the estimation of mapping functions from widely used specific measuresBrazier, J; Connell, J; Papaioannou, D; Mukuria, C; Mulhern, B; Peasgood, T; Jones, ML; Paisley, S; O'Cathain, A; Barkham, M; Knapp, M; Byford, S; Gilbody, S; Parry, G
2014-01-01Reflections on phronetic social science: a dialogue between Stewart Clegg, Bent Flyvbjerg and Mark HaugaardClegg, S; Flyvbjerg, B; Haugaard, M
2014-01-01Business events and friendship: Leveraging the sociable legaciesFoley, C; Edwards, D; Schlenker, K
2014-02-01Who Needs CSR? The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on National CompetitivenessBoulouta, I; Pitelis, CN
2014-01-01Empirical generalizations of demand and supply dynamics for moviesClement, M; Wu, S; Fischer, M
2014The re-emergence of asymmetric labour relations: two campaigns that have abandoned traditional labour tactics in favour of community organisingWalker, M
2014-05-04Changing collaborative practices through cultural interventionsVan Marrewijk, A; Veenswijk, M; Clegg, S
2014Evaluating Broadcast Strategy within Australian FootballFrawley, SM
2014-01-01Cultivating safe space: Lessons for sport-for-development projects and eventsSpaaij, R; Schulenkorf, N
2014-01-01Are maximizers blind to the future? When today's best does not make for a better tomorrowBesharat, A; Ladik, DM; Carrillat, FA
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