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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Non-medical Prescribing Policies: A global scoping reviewEcker, S; Joshi, R; Shanthosh, J; Webster, R
2020-04-03Incarcerated aboriginal women's experiences of accessing healthcare and the limitations of the 'equal treatment' principle.Kendall, S; Lighton, S; Sherwood, J; Baldry, E; Sullivan, EA
2020-09-22Increasing the uptake of long-acting reversible contraception in general practice: the Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject (ACCORd) cluster randomised controlled trial longitudinal follow-up protocol.Mazza, D; Amos, N; Watson, CJ; McGeechan, K; Haas, M; Peipert, JF; Lucke, J; Taft, A; McNamee, K; Black, KI
2021-04-01Effects of the number of alternatives in public good discrete choice experimentsWeng, W; Morrison, MD; Boyle, KJ; Boxall, PC; Rose, J
2020Who benefits most from extending financial protection for cataract surgery in Vietnam? An extended cost-effectiveness analysis of small incision surgeryEssue, BM; Jan, S; Dodson, S; Armstrong, K; Phuc, HT; Laba, T-L
2019-03-01Leader Humility and Team Performance: Exploring the Mediating Mechanisms of Team PsyCap and Task Allocation EffectivenessRego, A; Owens, B; Yam, KC; Bluhm, D; Cunha, MPE; Silard, A; Gonçalves, L; Martins, M; Simpson, AV; Liu, W
2020-12Preferences for a COVID-19 vaccine in AustraliaBorriello, A; Master, D; Pellegrini, A; Rose, JM
2019-11-21Strategic Capability Response Analysis The Convergence of Industrié 4.0, Value Chain Network Management 2.0 and Stakeholder Value-Led ManagementWalters, D; Helman, D
2020-01-01Tourism development and sustainable well-being: a Beyond GDP perspectiveDwyer, L
2020-02-13The 'Gigification of Work in the 21st CenturyVeen, A; Kaine, S; Goods, C; Barratt, T; Holland, P; Brewster, C
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