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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2008Using flexible taste distributions to value collective reputation for environmentally friendly production methodsScarpa, R; Thiene, M; Marangon, F
15-May-2008Using choice experiments to assess smallholder farmers' preferences for pig breeding traits in different production systems in North-West VietnamRoessler, R; Drucker, AG; Scarpa, R; Markemann, A; Lemke, U; Thuy, LT; Zarate, AV
1-Nov-2008Effects on welfare measures of alternative means of accounting for preference heterogeneity in recreational demand modelsHynes, S; Hanley, N; Scarpa, R
1-Nov-2008Incorporating discontinuous preferences into the analysis of discrete choice experimentsCampbell, D; Hutchinson, WG; Scarpa, R
1-Jun-2009Modelling attribute non-attendance in choice experiments for rural landscape valuationScarpa, R; Gilbride, TJ; Campbell, D; Hensher, DA
1-Aug-2011A Common Nomenclature for Stated Preference Elicitation ApproachesCarson, RT; Louviere, JJ
1-Apr-2011Exploring Scale Effects of Best/Worst Rank Ordered Choice Data to Estimate Benefits of Tourism in Alpine Grazing CommonsScarpa, R; Notaro, S; Louviere, J; Raffaelli, R
1-Aug-2005Destination choice models for rock climbing in the Northeastern Alps: A latent-class approach based on intensity of a latent-class approach preferencesScarpa, R; Thiene, M
1-May-2006What you don't know might hurt you: Some unresolved issues in the design and analysis of discrete choice experimentsLouviere, JJ
1-May-2007Designs with a priori information for nonmarket valuation with choice experiments: A Monte Carlo studyFerrini, S; Scarpa, R
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