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2019-08-01Managing systemic uncertainty: The role of industry-level management controls and hybridsThambar, PJ; Brown, DA; Sivabalan, P
2018-09Estimating the Willingness to Pay to Avoid the Impacts of Foodborne Illnesses: A Discrete Choice ExperimentManipis, K; Mulhern, B; Pearce, A; Haywood, P; Viney, R; Goodall, S
2020Economic and epidemiological impact of youth suicide in countries with the highest human development indexDoran, CM; Kinchin, I
2021-03-04Who Gets the Last Bed? A Discrete-Choice Experiment Examining General Population Preferences for Intensive Care Bed Prioritization in a Pandemic.Street, AE; Street, DJ; Flynn, GM
2020Sarcopenia and myosteatosis in patients undergoing curative radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: Impact on survival, treatment completion, hospital admission and costFindlay, M; Brown, C; De Abreu Lourenco, R; White, K; Bauer, JD
2020-12PRO120 A Discrete-Choice Experiment with Duration to Compare the Preferences of People with Haemophilia and the General PopulationMartin, A; Morgan, G; O'hara, J; Mulhern, B; Sawyer, EK; Li, N
2020-01-01Covid-19 and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Measuring Longrun Tax Burdens as an Alternative Bailout TestEfendi, S
2021-03Overcoming the limitations of variable renewable production subsidies as a means of decarbonising electricity marketsNelson, T; Rai, A; Esplin, R
2020-12-29COVID-19 2020: A year of living dangerouslyBaddeley, M
2020-09-01Shadow of the Prince: Parent-incumbents’ Coercive Control over Child-successors in Family OrganizationsHuang, X; Chen, L; Xu, E; Lu, F; Tam, KC
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