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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-09Challenging Times for Thai TourismBeirman, D
2019-01-01The role of sport in reflecting and shaping group dynamics: The “intergroup relations continuum” and its application to Fijian rugby and soccerSugden, JT; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D; Frawley, S
2019-02-01Indigenous Australian women promoting health through sportStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Pearce, S
2020-12The SF-6Dv2: How Does the New Classification System Impact the Distribution of Responses Compared with the Original SF-6D?Whitehurst DGT; Brazier JE; Viney R; Mulhern BJ
2020Failure to access prescribed pharmaceuticals by older patients with chronic conditionsMcRae I; Van Gool K; Hall J; Yen L; Wright M
2021-01Investigating the relationship between social care supply and healthcare utilization by older people in England.Liu D; Pace ML; Goddard M; Jacobs R; Wittenberg R; Mason A
2020-10-21Valuation study for a preference-based quality of life measure for dental caries (Dental Caries Utility Index - DCUI) among Australian adolescents - study protocol.Hettiarachchi R; Kularatna S; Byrnes J; Mulhern B; Chen G; Scuffham PA
2020-11-25Shonjibon cash and counselling: a community-based cluster randomised controlled trial to measure the effectiveness of unconditional cash transfers and mobile behaviour change communications to reduce child undernutrition in rural Bangladesh.Huda TM; Alam A; Tahsina T; Hasan MM; Iqbal A; Khan J; Ara G; Ali NB; Al Amin SU; Kirkwood EK; Laba T-L; Goodwin N; Muthayya S; Islam M; Agho KE; Hoddinott J; El Arifeen S; Dibley MJ
2020What happens to drug use and expenditure when cost sharing is completely removed? Evidence from a Canadian provincial public drug planLaba T-L; Cheng L; Worthington HC; McGrail K; Chan FKI; Mamdani M; Law MR
2020-11Horizontal inequity in the utilisation of healthcare services in Australia.Pulok MH; van Gool K; Hall J
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