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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-06Translating research into practice: outcomes from the Healthy Living after Cancer partnership project.Eakin EG; Reeves MM; Goode AD; Winkler EAH; Vardy JL; Boyle F; Haas MR; Hiller JE; Mishra GD; Jefford M; Koczwara B; Saunders CM; Chapman K; Hing L; Boltong AG; Lane K; Baldwin P; Millar L; McKiernan S; Demark-Wahnefried W; Courneya KS; Job J; Reid N; Robson E; Moretto N; Gordon L; Hayes SC
2020-11-05Cost-effectiveness analysis of PET/CT surveillance imaging to detect systemic recurrence in resected stage III melanoma: study protocol.Dieng M; Khanna N; Nguyen MTH; Turner R; Lord SJ; Menzies AM; Allen J; Saw R; Nieweg OE; Thompson J; Morton RL
2020-09Atrial Fibrillation Screen, Management, and Guideline-Recommended Therapy in the Rural Primary Care Setting: A Cross-Sectional Study and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of eHealth Tools to Support All Stages of Screening.Orchard J; Li J; Freedman B; Webster R; Salkeld G; Hespe C; Gallagher R; Patel A; Kamel B; Neubeck L; Lowres N
2020-10-02Ultra-low-dose quadruple combination blood pressure lowering therapy in patients with hypertension: The QUARTET randomized controlled trial protocol.Chow CK; Atkins ER; Billot L; Chalmers J; Hillis GS; Hay P; Neal B; Nelson M; Patel A; Reid CM; Schlaich M; Usherwood T; Webster R; Rodgers A
2001-01Internal report of derivatives: some Australian evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Petty, JD
2001-01Identification of Real Estate Property Cycles From UK Property Performance IndicesStevenson, MJ; Newell, G; Peat, M
2004-01Economic aspects of pneumococoal pneumonia: a review of the literatureDe Graeve, D; Beutels, P
2018-03-01The sharing economy and digital discrimination: The case of AirbnbCheng, M; Foley, C
2017-11-01Channels for search and purchase: Does mobile Internet matter?Singh, S; Swait, J
2005-01The role of economic evaluation in vaccine decision making - Focus on meningococcal group C conjugate vaccineWelte, R; Trotter, CL; Edmunds, WJ; Postma, M; Beutels, P
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