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2021-07-13Cyberstalking Victimization Model Using Criminological Theory: A Systematic Literature Review, Taxonomies, Applications, Tools, and ValidationsAbu-Ulbeh, W; Altalhi, M; Abualigah, L; Almazroi, AA; Sumari, P; Gandomi, AH
2021Lightning search algorithm: a comprehensive surveyAbualigah, L; Elaziz, MA; Hussien, AG; Alsalibi, B; Jalali, SMJ; Gandomi, AH
2021-11-15Applications, Deployments, and Integration of Internet of Drones (IoD): A ReviewAbualigah, L; Diabat, A; Sumari, P; Gandomi, AH
2021-07-01Aquila Optimizer: A novel meta-heuristic optimization algorithmAbualigah, L; Yousri, D; Abd Elaziz, M; Ewees, AA; Al-qaness, MAA; Gandomi, AH
2021-04-01The Arithmetic Optimization AlgorithmAbualigah, L; Diabat, A; Mirjalili, S; Elaziz, MA; Gandomi, AH
2021-01-01Survey on Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Architecture, Classifications, and ChallengesAbualigah, L; Kareem, NK; Omari, M; Elaziz, MA; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Wind, Solar, and Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Systems with and without Energy Storage Optimization: A Survey of Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning TechniquesAbualigah, L; Zitar, RA; Almotairi, KH; Hussein, AM; Elaziz, MA; Nikoo, MR; Gandomi, AH
2022-01-01Aquila Optimizer Based PSO Swarm Intelligence for IoT Task Scheduling Application in Cloud ComputingAbualigah, L; Elaziz, MA; Khodadadi, N; Forestiero, A; Jia, H; Gandomi, AH
2022-12-22A Deep Batch Normalized Convolution Approach for Improving COVID-19 Detection from Chest X-ray Images.Al-Shourbaji, I; Kachare, PH; Abualigah, L; Abdelhag, ME; Elnaim, B; Anter, AM; Gandomi, AH
2022-08-01A Comprehensive Survey on the Recent Variants and Applications of Membrane-Inspired Evolutionary AlgorithmsAlsalibi, B; Mirjalili, S; Abualigah, L; yahya, RI; Gandomi, AH
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