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2017-02-28Evaluation of a dry EEG system for application of passive brain-computer interfaces in autonomous drivingZander, TO; Andreessen, LM; Berg, A; Bleuel, M; Pawlitzki, J; Zawallich, L; Krol, LR; Gramann, K
2012-07-20Familiarity with speech affects cortical processing of auditory distance cues and increases acuityWisniewski, MG; Mercado, E; Gramann, K; Makeig, S
2016-06-27Mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) of physical interaction with dynamically moving objectsJungnickel, E; Gramann, K
2013-01-21Different strategies for spatial updating in yaw and pitch path integrationGoeke, CM; König, P; Gramann, K
2017-03-01Two independent frontal midline theta oscillations during conflict detection and adaptation in a Simon-type manual reaching taskTöllner, T; Wang, Y; Makeig, S; Müller, HJ; Jung, TP; Gramann, K
2013-03-29Neurocognitive and Somatic Components of Temperature Increases during g-Tummo Meditation: Legend and RealityKozhevnikov, M; Elliott, J; Shephard, J; Gramann, K
2012-01-01Alpha modulation in parietal and retrosplenial cortex correlates with navigation performanceChiu, TC; Gramann, K; Ko, LW; Duann, JR; Jung, TP; Lin, CT
2019-02-24A Bayesian framework for unifying data cleaning, source separation and imaging of electroencephalographic signalsOjeda, A; Klug, M; Kreutz-Delgado, K; Gramann, K; Mishra, J
2017-02-06A task-independent workload classifier for neuroadaptive technology: Preliminary dataKrol, LR; Freytag, SC; Fleck, M; Gramann, K; Zander, TO
2018-11-23Investigating established EEG parameter during real-world drivingProtzak, J; Gramann, K
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