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17-Feb-2016Mind-Wandering Tends to Occur under Low Perceptual Demands during DrivingLin, CT; Chuang, CH; Kerick, S; Mullen, T; Jung, TP; Ko, LW; Chen, SA; King, JT; McDowell, K
1-Aug-2018Influence of Time Pressure on Inhibitory Brain Control During Emergency DrivingKing, JT; Prasad, M; Tsai, T; Ming, YR; Lin, CT
16-Aug-2018Multiple Relevant Feature Ensemble Selection Based on Multilayer Co-Evolutionary Consensus MapReduceDing, W; Lin, CT; Pedrycz, W
26-Sep-2016Self-adjusting feature maps network and its applicationsLi, DL; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Chang, JY
1-Oct-2017An integrative approach to analyze eeg signals and human brain dynamics in different cognitive statesDavis, JJJ; Lin, CT; Gillett, G; Kozma, R
26-Dec-2017The Influence of Acute Stress on Brain Dynamics during Task Switching ActivitiesLin, CT; King, JT; Fan, JW; Appaji, A; Prasad, M
1-Mar-2018Monetary reward and punishment to response inhibition modulate activation and synchronization within the inhibitory brain networkChikara, RK; Chang, EC; Lu, YC; Lin, DS; Lin, CT; Ko, LW
1-Jan-2017Automatic Multi-view Action Recognition with Robust FeaturesChou, KP; Prasad, M; Li, DL; Bharill, N; Lin, YF; Hussain, F; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
1-Oct-2018Navigation Control of Mobile Robots Using an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controller Based on Dynamic-group Particle Swarm OptimizationJhang, JY; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT; Young, KY
1-Jan-2018Online video streaming for human tracking based on weighted resampling particle filterPrasad, M; Chang, LC; Gupta, D; Pratama, M; Sundaram, S; Lin, CT
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