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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-01The transformation of users in living lab construction: The case of Eco-City living labLin, WY; Lin, CT; Wang, YH; Chen, RT
2012-09-01Co-modulatory spectral changes in independent brain processes are correlated with task performanceChuang, SW; Ko, LW; Lin, YP; Huang, RS; Jung, TP; Lin, CT
2016-02-01Using eye-tracker to compare search patterns between experienced and novice workers for site hazard identificationDzeng, RJ; Lin, CT; Fang, YC
2014-01-01Developing an EEG-based on-line closed-loop lapse detection and mitigation systemWang, YT; Huang, KC; Wei, CS; Huang, TY; Ko, LW; Lin, CT; Cheng, CK; Jung, TP
2012-10-11Brain computer interface-based smart environmental control systemOu, CZ; Lin, BS; Chang, CJ; Lin, CT
2015-10-23Identifying changes in EEG information transfer during drowsy driving by transfer entropyHuang, CS; Pal, NR; Chuang, CH; Lin, CT
2013-10-07A real-world neuroimaging system to evaluate stressKellihan, B; Doty, TJ; Hairston, WD; Canady, J; Whitaker, KW; Lin, CT; Jung, TP; McDowell, K
2013-12-01Steady-state visual evoked potential based classification system for detecting migraine seizuresKo, LW; Lai, KL; Huang, PH; Lin, CT; Wang, SJ
2016-02-17Mind-Wandering Tends to Occur under Low Perceptual Demands during DrivingLin, CT; Chuang, CH; Kerick, S; Mullen, T; Jung, TP; Ko, LW; Chen, SA; King, JT; McDowell, K
2013-11-22Applying the fuzzy C-means based dimension reduction to improve the sleep classification systemHuang, CS; Lin, CL; Yang, WY; Ko, LW; Liu, SY; Lin, CT
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