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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Tracking attention based on EEG spectrumWang, YK; Jung, TP; Chen, SA; Huang, CS; Lin, CT
2012-01-01An automatic method for selecting the parameter of the normalized kernel function to support vector machinesLi, CH; Ho, HH; Liu, YL; Lin, CT; Kuo, BC; Taur, JS
2018-03-01Monetary reward and punishment to response inhibition modulate activation and synchronization within the inhibitory brain networkChikara, RK; Chang, EC; Lu, YC; Lin, DS; Lin, CT; Ko, LW
2011-08-01A study of fitts' law on goal-directed aiming task with moving targetsChiu, TT; Young, KY; Hsu, SH; Lin, CL; Lin, CT; Yang, BS; Huang, ZR
2015-11-04Toward non-hair-bearing brain-computer interfaces for neurocognitive lapse detectionWei, CS; Wang, YT; Lin, CT; Jung, TP
2016-03-01Attribute Equilibrium Dominance Reduction Accelerator (DCCAEDR) Based on Distributed Coevolutionary Cloud and Its Application in Medical RecordsDing, WP; Lin, CT; Prasad, M; Chen, SB; Guan, ZJ
2012-07-30Mapping information flow of independent source to predict conscious level: A granger causality based brain-computer interfaceChuang, CH; Huang, CS; Lin, CT; Ko, LW; Chang, JY; Yang, JM
2012-01-01Alpha modulation in parietal and retrosplenial cortex correlates with navigation performanceChiu, TC; Gramann, K; Ko, LW; Duann, JR; Jung, TP; Lin, CT
2017-03-01Soft-Boosted Self-Constructing Neural Fuzzy Inference NetworkPrasad, M; Lin, CT; Li, DL; Hong, CT; Ding, WP; Chang, JY
2011-06-01Robust control design for precision positioning of a generic piezoelectric system with consideration of microscopic hysteresis effectsChao, PCP; Liao, PY; Tsai, MY; Lin, CT
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