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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-07Driving fatigue prediction with pre-event electroencephalography (EEG) via a recurrent fuzzy neural networkLiu, YT; Wu, SL; Chou, KP; Lin, YY; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Lin, WC; Lin, CT
2011-06-01An efficient evolutionary algorithm for fuzzy inference systemsLin, CJ; Chen, CH; Lin, CT
2012-09-28Delta operator based 2-D VLSI filter structures without global broadcast and incorporation of the quadrantal symmetryKhoo, IH; Reddy, HC; Van, LD; Lin, CT
2013-09-02EEG-based learning system for online motion sickness level estimation in a dynamic vehicle environmentLin, CT; Tsai, SF; Ko, LW
2011-11-28EEG-based motion sickness estimation using principal component regressionKo, LW; Wei, CS; Chen, SA; Lin, CT
2011-11-10Quantification and recognition of parkinsonian gait from monocular video imaging using kernel-based principal component analysisChen, SW; Lin, SH; Liao, LD; Lai, HY; Pei, YC; Kuo, TS; Lin, CT; Chang, JY; Chen, YY; Lo, YC; Chen, SY; Wu, R; Tsang, S
2012-12-14Brain dynamics of mathematical problem solvingLin, CL; Jung, M; Wu, YC; Lin, CT; She, HC
2015-09-09Towards Serious Games for Improved BCILance, B; Touryan, J; Wang, YK; Lu, SW; Chuang, CH; Khooshabeh, P; Sajda, P; Marathe, A; Jung, TP; Lin, CT; McDowell, K; Nakatsu, R; Rauterberg, M; Ciancarini, P
2017-10-01An integrative approach to analyze eeg signals and human brain dynamics in different cognitive statesDavis, JJJ; Lin, CT; Gillett, G; Kozma, R
2005-12-01EEG-based drowsiness estimation for safety driving using independent component analysisLin, CT; Wu, RC; Liang, SF; Chao, WH; Chen, YJ; Jung, TP
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