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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Real-time Sound Source Localisation for Target Tracking Applications using an Asynchronous Microphone ArraySu, D; Miro, JV; Vidal-Calleja, T
1-Jan-2014Towards limb position invariant myoelectric pattern recognition using time-dependent spectral featuresKhushaba, RN; Takruri, M; Miro, JV; Kodagoda, S
20-Nov-2015Modelling in-pipe acoustic signal propagation for condition assessment of multi-layer water pipelinesSu, D; Miro, JV; Vidal-Calleja, T
1-Jan-2015A passive estimator of functional degradation in power mobility device usersPoon, J; Miro, JV; Black, R
21-Jul-2017Gaussian processes online observation classification for RSSI-based low-cost indoor positioning systemsJadidi, MG; Patel, M; Miro, JV
15-Jun-2019Environment-adaptive interaction primitives through visual context for human–robot motor skill learningCui, Y; Poon, J; Miro, JV; Yamazaki, K; Sugimoto, K; Matsubara, T
28-Nov-2016Robust sound source mapping using three-layered selective audio rays for mobile robotsSu, D; Nakamura, K; Nakadai, K; Miro, JV
27-Dec-2018A Sliding Mode Control Architecture for Human-Manipulator Cooperative Surface Treatment TasksGracia, L; Solanes, JE; Munoz-Benavent, P; Miro, JV; Perez-Vidal, C; Tornero, J
18-Dec-2018Learning Mobility Aid Assistance via Decoupled Observation ModelsPoon, J; Cui, Y; Miro, JV; Matsubara, T
30-Dec-2016Environment-adaptive interaction primitives for human-robot motor skill learningCui, Y; Poon, J; Matsubara, T; Miro, JV; Sugimoto, K; Yamazaki, K
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