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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-12-14An adaptive strategy of classification for detecting hypoglycemia using only two EEG channelsNguyen, LB; Nguyen, AV; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
2008-12-01Intelligent technologies for real-time biomedical engineering applicationsNguyen, HT
2015-11-04Real-time transmission of panoramic images for a telepresence wheelchairHa, VKL; Nguyen, TN; Nguyen, HT
2015-11-04Investigation of window size in classification of EEG-emotion signal with wavelet entropy and support vector machineCandra, H; Yuwono, M; Chai, R; Handojoseno, A; Elamvazuthi, I; Nguyen, HT; Su, S
2012-01-01Hypoglycemia detection for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: Evolved fuzzy inference system approachLing, SH; San, PP; Nguyen, HT
2015-09-01An intelligent robotic hospital bed for safe transportation of critical neurosurgery patients along crowded hospital corridorsWang, C; Savkin, AV; Clout, R; Nguyen, HT
2013-01-01Development of an assistive patient mobile system for hospital environmentsNguyen, HH; Nguyen, TN; Clout, R; Gibson, A; Nguyen, HT
2016-08-01Transradial Amputee Gesture Classification Using an Optimal Number of sEMG Sensors: An Approach Using ICA ClusteringNaik, GR; Al-Timemy, AH; Nguyen, HT
2012-10-23Hybrid particle swarm - Based fuzzy support vector machine for hypoglycemia detectionNuryani, N; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
2015-11-04Multiscale PCA to distinguish regular and irregular surfaces using tri axial head and trunk acceleration signalsPendharkar, G; Naik, GR; Acharyya, A; Nguyen, HT
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