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2012-04-06A 2D quantum walk simulation of two-particle dynamicsSchreiber, A; Gábris, A; Rohde, PP; Laiho, K; Štefaňák, M; Potoček, V; Hamilton, C; Jex, I; Silberhorn, C
2017-02-17Erratum: Linear Optical Quantum Metrology with Single Photons: Exploiting Spontaneously Generated Entanglement to Beat the Shot-Noise Limit [Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 170802 (2015)Motes, KR; Olson, JP; Rabeaux, EJ; Dowling, JP; Olson, SJ; Rohde, PP
2013-05-02Quantum walks with memory provided by recycled coins and a memory of the coin-flip historyRohde, PP; Brennen, GK; Gilchrist, A
2008-07-14Strategies for entangling remote spins with unequal coupling to an optically active mediatorGauger, EM; Rohde, PP; Stoneham, AM; Lovett, BW
2017-07-10Linear optical quantum metrology with single photons: Experimental errors, resource counting, and quantum Cramér-Rao boundsOlson, JP; Motes, KR; Birchall, PM; Studer, NM; Laborde, M; Moulder, T; Rohde, PP; Dowling, JP
2005-09-01Quantum-gate characterization in an extended Hilbert spaceRohde, PP; Pryde, GJ; O'Brien, JL; Ralph, TC
-Will boson-sampling ever disprove the Extended Church-Turing thesis?Rohde, PP; Motes, KR; Knott, PA; Munro, WJ
2005-02-01Non-deterministic approximation of photon number discriminating detectors using non-discriminating detectorsRohde, PP
2007-06-29Strategies for the preparation of large cluster states using non-deterministic gatesRohde, PP; Barrett, SD
2018-02-15Passive quantum error correction of linear optics networks through error averagingMarshman, RJ; Lund, AP; Rohde, PP; Ralph, TC
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