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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03-01Robust sampled-data control of structures subject to parameter uncertainties and actuator saturationDu, H; Zhang, N; Samali, B; Naghdy, F
2009-01Low-Cost and Low-Tech Reinforcement Systems for Improved Earthquake Resistance of Mud Brick BuildingsDowling, DM; Samali, B; Hardy, M; Cancino, C; Ostergren, G
2013-01-01Energy-efficient HVAC systems: Simulation-empirical modelling and gradient optimizationVakiloroaya, V; Ha, QP; Samali, B
2018-02-01Seismic vulnerability assessment of a case study anchored liquid storage tank by considering fixed and flexible base restraintsKildashti, K; Mirzadeh, N; Samali, B
2005-04-01Control of eccentric building vibration with base isolationWu, H; Fitzell, B; Samali, B
2007-01Magnetorheological damper semiactive control for civil structures with symmetric quantised sliding mode controllersNguyen, T; Nguyen, M; Kwok, N; Ha, QP; Samali, B
2002-01Robustness of semi-active stiffness damper with system uncertaintySamali, B; Djajakesukma, S; Nguyen, HT; Loo, YC; Chowdhury, SH; Fragomeni, S
2007-12-01MR damper optimal placement for semi-active control of buildings using an efficient multi-objective binary genetic algorithmKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Samali, B
2006-12-01Dynamic analysis of 'smart' pin-frame system using timefrequency representation of earthquakesWidjaja, JH; Samali, B
2017-10-01Automated spatial design of multi-story modular buildings using a unified matrix methodSharafi, P; Samali, B; Ronagh, H; Ghodrat, M
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