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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-12-26The Coordination of Multiple UAVs for Engaging Multiple Targets in a Time-Optimal MannerFurukawa, T; Durrant-Whyte, HF; Dissanayake, G; Sukkarieh, S
2017-04-01Geometric Priors for Gaussian Process Implicit SurfacesMartens, W; Poffet, Y; Soria, PR; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2014-01-01Fast path planning for precision weedingLee, JJH; Frey, K; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2016-01-01Viewpoint Evaluation for Online 3-D Active Object ClassificationPatten, T; Zillich, M; Fitch, R; Vincze, M; Sukkarieh, S
2013-11-14Energy-constrained motion planning for information gathering with autonomous aerial soaringNguyen, J; Lawrance, N; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2015A Bayesian Approach for Time-Constrained 3D Outdoor Object Recognition [Extended Abstract]Patten, T; Kassir, A; Martens, W; Douillard, B; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2003-01Time-Optimal Cooperation of Multiple UAVs in Real-Time SimulationGoktogan, AH; Furukawa, T; Mathews, G; Sukkarieh, S; Dissanayake, G; Vadakkepat, P; Wan, TV; Chen, TK; Poh, LA
2018Online Multi-modal Learning and Adaptive Informative Trajectory Planning for Autonomous ExplorationArora, A; Furlong, PM; Fitch, R; Fong, T; Sukkarieh, S; Elphic, R; Hutter, M; Siegwart, R
2014-01-01Learned Stochastic Mobility Prediction for Planning with Control Uncertainty on Unstructured TerrainPeynot, T; Lui, ST; McAllister, R; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
2016-08-01Real-time path planning for long-term information gathering with an aerial gliderNguyen, JL; Lawrance, NRJ; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
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